Will Ireland fill the possible Brexit vacuum?

Dublin at night down by the Liffey River

Although the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU will take a couple of years still, there’s already a lot of tension and uncertainty about doing business with the British. Meanwhile, financial institutions, in particular, are looking around. Ireland is receiving them with open arms. Why is that? How does TCP Solutions respond to that for our clients?

According to research by KPMG, many large foreign financial institutions are looking at Ireland. Particularly, because Ireland is said to have the most competitive tax system. In second and third place are Luxembourg and the Netherlands respectively. JP Morgan and Bank of America already announced they are seriously considering Dublin.

The online magazine Emerce also reports that Dublin is chosen more often lately as the location for the European headquarters of multinationals. Amazon and LinkedIn are already based there. According to KPMG, there are also a lot of start-ups that enter the European market through Ireland.


Ireland got into serious trouble during the economic crisis. The EU provided Ireland with a rescue package of 85 billion euros. Therefore, Ireland suddenly getting so much attention, comes as somewhat of a surprise. Showing from their records, for the Irish central bank as well. At the board meeting of 30 January ‘17, vice president Cyril Roux says that the interest is higher than expected initially. The Dutch evening newspaper NRC reported that around hundred banks have already requested information about moving to Ireland. They also wrote this beautiful review article, which presents a (cautiously) positive picture for the Irish.

TCP in Ireland

TCP Solutions is at the forefront of this development. In May 2017, we are opened a new, larger office in Ireland. Based in the heart of the capital; Harcourt Road, Dublin. We are very much looking forward to extending the growth of TCP Solutions to the Irish market. We follow our clients and settle where our clients run their international business.

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