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The Netherlands

TCP is correctly registered according to the WAADI Act and is NEN 4400 as well as VCU certified for supply of sustainable and temporary labor services in The Netherlands.

NEN4400 is a quality standard for temporary employment businesses that sets requirements with regards to tax and social security payments as well as the overall legitimacy of employment in The Netherlands. Hiring labor through a NEN certified business restricts the employment related risks client face in the Netherlands.

NBBU membership is a quality guarantee in terms of administration and organization and provides a flexible collective agreement for temporary employment.

WAADI registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is obligatory for all companies that supply labor in the Netherlands. Compulsory WAADI registration is a part of a legislative changes aimed to prevent illegal staffing practices and reduce worker exploitation.

VCU certificate demonstrates our responsibility and diligence in ensuring the safety and health of our contractors and clients.

Employers and Agencies

For almost 20 years, we’ve been working with temporary staff and staff on contracts to businesses across Europe.


We’ll find you the best solution whether you’re a Highly Skilled migrant, self-employed/freelancer or prefer a local compliant payroll construction.

How we operate in The Netherlands

  • TCP are members of the NBBU. This classifies us as an agency meaning we can help with employing contractors in the Netherlands and payroll in the Netherlands.
  • We help clarify the position of contractors – are they ZZPers (self-employed), do they qualify for the foreign workers tax ruling, are their skills and experience scarce, and so on.
  • We pay your contractors, knowing how much tax to deduct, which expenses and costs can be claimed legitimately, which holidays to include in payments, what sickness payments are payable and more. We offer full payroll services in the Netherlands.
  • We understand contracts, for example how long they should be, what notice periods to give, what allowances are due and what probation periods can be offered.
  • We are registered with the Dutch immigration authorities as a highly skilled migrant employer, so we can use the fast track procedure to obtain work permits for those who come in from outside the EU, which usually takes about two weeks. We make sure your work permit and work visa are correct for working in the Netherlands.
  • We are often seen as an Umbrella company but please read our Whitepaper for further information (What is an Umbrella Company?)

Employers and Agencies

Companies in the Netherlands who use contract workers are coming under increasing scrutiny from the authorities. More and more frequently, those authorities are penalising the companies for non-payment of taxes and social security, even though they’d been assured by their advisers that everything had been sorted.

How we can help you

  • For almost 20 years, we’ve been working with temporary staff and staff on contracts to businesses across Europe, and we will fully indemnify everyone – individuals, agencies, employers – against any liability for Dutch taxes and social security.
  • We are G Account Holders, with NEN4400-1 and VCU verification, and we employ over 1.000 contract and temporary staff on behalf of our clients in the Netherlands alone.
  • We don’t source the staff however we arrange payments, administration and permits. We do make sure that every agreement falls in line with Dutch legislation, so that everything is paid correctly at the right time.
  • For employers and agencies, we can offer a compliance audit in complete confidence to identify how much liability you have.
  • We can then offer a bespoke solution to remove any potential liabilities, whilst still giving you complete freedom over the recruitment process.

Further services for Employers & Agencies

  • We provide highly skilled migrant services and Knowledge Migrant Visas.
  • We are registered with the IND (Dutch immigration service) for fast track work permits.
  • We provide credit referencing.
  • We implement the 30 percent tax allowance where applicable.
  • We offer Managed Agency service – incl. billing, contracts, credit control.
  • We offer pre-employment screening (PES).
  • DBA scan (Deregulation of Declaration of Employment status).
  • Brokerage services.


We can make it easy working in the Netherlands and advise you on the most suitable solution, whether you’re a Highly Skilled migrant, self-employed/freelancer or prefer a local complaint payroll construction. Using our experience and expertise of working with the Dutch authorities, we can make sure that you have the right agreement and the right relationship with your client, so that no one will be liable for any penalties. In fact, we’ll indemnify both you and your client (whether it’s an agency or an employer) against all penalties that could be levied.

Our Contractor services in the Netherlands:

  • Fast pay, Pre-financing is available at no extra cost for payroll solutions. This ensures that you will get paid within 5 days after submitting an approved timesheet.
  • We offer Limited company solutions (Dutch ZZP construction)
  • We use the 30% tax allowance where applicable
  • We offer Employed solutions
  • We cater for highly skilled migrants and arrange Knowledge migrant visas
  • We are registered with the IND (Dutch immigration service) for fast track work permits
  • We offer assistance with relocation (financial)
  • There are no sign-up or exit fees
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager

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