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We take care of everything for you as smoothly and invisibly as possible, whether you’re a contractor, an agency or an employer.

SECO licence

No agency can legally employ anyone in Switzerland without a special recruiting licence, issued by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO). So if you are looking to help individuals and employers to find each other, you must have a so called SECO licence. That’s where TCP can help. TCP has held a full SECO licence since 2013 and we are certfied for both permanent placements as well as hiring out via temporary employment.

We are fully registered for helping contractors, agencies and employers to create successful, efficient partnerships that make sure that everyone gets what they’re looking for, making sure the authorities are happy that everything is being done correctly.

As we are not agency ourselves, agencies can work through us to act as your SECO licence, saving you all the paperwork and expense of acquiring your own. Employers can rest assured that we have full legal status in Switzerland, and as a result, can work with agencies and individuals in complete confidence.

Employing and being employed in Switzerland

TCP can help you to negotiate the Swiss rules and regulations in the way that balances out everyone’s best interests to the maximum advantage.

TCP have dedicated Account Managers

Each company will have their own individual Account Manager who will provide a consultative approach towards your business needs and will be there to answer any questions or payroll queries you or your contractors may have.


TCP takes care of the employee’s pension. 100% of it is within employment costs and it is paid into the company’s pension funbd. Once the employee changes employer they will be able to transfer the funds TCP paid into the pension fund during their time at TCP to their new employer.

Child Allowance

Child allowance can be included in the estimate. Employees need to fill out relevant paperwork. The child needs to be living in Switzerland.


Workers can deduct true work related expenses such as travel costs, or accommodation where working away from home, however this must be authorised by the client in advanced and receipts kept and submitted via an expense form.

We can smooth out all the processes and procedures necessary to making everything run smoothly between everyone in the working relationship –

  • Removing restrictions on capital, debt, contractor concentration and turnover/fees
  • Entering into contracts, including full advice on lending out
  • Producing payslips from timesheets
  • Processing and maintaining payroll
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Making sure individuals are paid every week or month
  • Providing indemnity insurance cover
  • Paying agreed margins
  • Offering professional support and assistance

TCP helps everyone to enjoy smoother, more efficient working relationships, reduced costs and with fewer restrictions. We simplify the entire process for every party, from the individual to the agency to the client company, with everyone retaining their own identity

Which allows everyone involved to concentrate on doing what they do best.

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