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We take care of everything for you as smoothly and invisibly as possible, whether you’re a contractor, an agency or an employer.

Autónomo – Being self-employed in Spain means becoming an autonomo and dealing with all the registration and other issues that entails. We can help individuals sort through them all.

Employed – When does a freelancer become fully employed? We can help both individuals and employers to negotiate Spanish legislation.

TCP can provide a Fast Pay service – This means TCP ensure that any contractor opted into this service will be paid within 5 working days of receipt of their approved timesheet.

TCP have dedicated Account Managers – Each company will have their own individual Account Manager who will provide a consultative approach towards your business needs and will be there to answer any questions or payroll queries you or your contractors may have.

Employing and being employed in Spain

TCP can help you to negotiate the Spanish rules and regulations in the way that balances out everyone’s best interests to the maximum advantage. In Spain, TCP offer our standard payroll services, where contractors are employed on our monthly payroll and the employer has a strictly work-based relationship. Whether the contractor is on the tax ruling scheme or not, we can make sure that they pay the right amounts of tax and social security with the right entitlements to holidays, sickness, notice and expenses. We can also help the contractor to apply for a work permit.

Spain also has a unique self-employment scheme called Autónomo, which regulates how the self-employed can work in Spain. To register as autónomo you will need a NIE/NIF number, which which you will have to collect yourself from the local Comiseria. In addition, you will need to renew your tax licence for your work each year, which you can collect from the local SUMA office.

Making your tax and social security payments is not that simple, as they can be done quarterly or annually, and it’s usually best to hire a professional accountant to advise on the best way forward.Or you can ask TCP to sort everything for you. We will apply for your licences and permits, we will pay your taxes direct so that every penny you receive will be net, and you will save yourself many hours of dealing with forms and processes, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

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