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Are you an agency, contractor or employer operating in the Norwegian market? TCP hold the correct licence enabling us to employ contractors in Norway, which we renew every year. Through contract management, payroll, and our legal services we guarantee that you comply with all national and provincial laws and regulations when working in Norway.

We take care of everything for you as smoothly and invisibly as possible, whether you’re a contractor, an agency or an employer.

When does a freelancer become fully employed? We can help both individuals and employers to negotiate Norwegian legislation.

Work Permits
Although contractors have to apply for a work permit themselves, we can offer advice and help with all the documentation needed. Non-EU nationals can apply for a work permit as a skilled worker if: You have completed higher education, eg as an engineer or a nurse or you have completed vocational training, eg as a joiner or health worker. However, obtaining a work and residence permit can depend on a person’s situation, for example, different rules apply to students and highly educated students. On the site of the UDI you can easily get an overview of what applies to your situation:

Employing and being employed in Norway
TCP can help you to negotiate the Norwegian rules and regulations in the way that balances out everyone’s best interests to the maximum advantage.

In Norway, TCP offer our standard payroll services, where contractors are employed on our monthly payroll and the employer has a strictly work-based relationship.  Whether the contractor is on the tax ruling scheme or not, we can make sure that they pay the right amounts of tax and social security, with the right entitlements to holidays, sickness, notice and expenses.

Trust TCP

We can smooth out all the processes and procedures necessary to making everything run smoothly between everyone in the working relationship –

  • Removing restrictions on capital, debt, contractor concentration and turnover/fees
  • Entering into contracts
  • Producing payslips from timesheets
  • Processing and maintaining payroll
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Making sure individuals are paid every week or month
  • Providing indemnity insurance cover
  • Paying agreed margins
  • Offering professional support and assistance

TCP helps everyone to enjoy smoother, more efficient working relationships, reduced costs and with fewer restrictions. We simplify the entire process for every party, from the individual to the agency to the client company, with everyone retaining their own identity. This allows everyone involved to concentrate on doing what they do best.

If you are a UK citizen living in Norway please see the following link which provides information relating to Brexit and any necessary steps you need to take to ensure you can continue to live and work in Norway :

You should continue to check the relevant country websites for any future changes to the position.

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