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People2.0 Germany GmbH is our German business and has specialized in lending out experts and executives across all industry sectors. Our office in Berlin holds an indefinite labour leasing licence (also known as AUG licence), which allows us to compliantly lend out staff in Germany. Lending out means that we employ staff and place them at our client’s site for a limited amount of time. For instance this can be for a certain project stage where an expert for a particular problem is required.

Apart from labour leasing, we offer Payroll and HR services to our clients. Our client base includes small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises.

AUG Labour Leasing

Our priority is to source and maintain the best mix of partner agencies to offer the best suited candidates for each role. We are completely independent with no affiliation to any recruitment agency. Instead, we are your only contractual partner and as Master Vendor managing a supply chain of approved agencies for you. Our carefully selected agencies are chosen per client to fill any staffing requirements you may have. As they are experts in their respective recruitment fields and operate international, they are able to find the qualified resources you need.

TCP takes care of the employment of all candidates and follows the rules and regulations of the German Temporary Employment Act. We are member of the BAP (Federal Employer’s Association of Staffing Services) and apply the BAP/DGB collective agreement. This way we ensure that our employees are being paid according to tariff. Additionally they enjoy full protection of German employment legislation such as continued pay in the event of illness, paid holiday and protection against dismissal. Before deploying a temporary employee, we also conduct a thorough and diligent assessment of the possible health and safety risks at the client’s site. We inform our employees accordingly and make sure they are provided with the necessary safety equipment.

Payroll and HR Services

Payroll Service

Thanks to many years of expertise in the field of Payroll and HR services, our clients can rely on the utmost care in the handling of confidential data and the preparation of payroll accounting.

We carry out your Payroll accounting, similar to your internal accounting department. Our Payroll Specialists take care of the administration and updating of your employees’ personal data, the annual wage account management, the reports and declarations according to the legal regulations and the preparations of accounting documents.

Using our Payroll service can save you a significant amount of costs. In addition, the costs for Payroll accounting can be calculated particularly well, as they are generally not subject to major fluctuations.

HR Service

We prepare and revise legally compliant contractual documents for your employees such as work contracts, termination notifications and addendums.

With our experience and expertise of working in Germany, we can guarantee that all of the clients, agencies and individuals that we help, either in Germany (or any other country we operate in), will be safe from any risk of liabilities.

We offer our clients

  • Removing restrictions on capital, debt, contractor concentration and turnover/fees
  • Entering into contracts, including full advice on lending out
  • Producing payslips from time sheets
  • Processing and maintaining payroll
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Making sure individuals are paid every week or month
  • Providing indemnity insurance cover
  • Paying agreed margins
  • Offering professional support and assistance

Blue Card

Use the People2.0 Blue Card Service to bring your employees from third countries to the German labour market faster and more easily. Find out more here.

Trust People2.0

People2.0 can help you to negotiate the German rules and regulations in the way that balances out everyone’s best interests to the maximum advantage.

We help everyone to enjoy smoother, more efficient working relationships, reduced costs and with fewer restrictions. We simplify the entire process for every party. This allows everyone involved to concentrate on doing what they do best.

If you are a UK citizen living in Germany please see the following link which provides information relating to Brexit and any necessary steps you need to take to ensure you can continue to live and work in Germany : BMI – Migration (

You should continue to check the relevant country websites for any future changes to the position.

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