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Payroll, Visa and HR Services

We can help individuals, agencies and employers with almost any aspect of working safely, securely and profitably in Belgium.

Employment and being employed in Belgium – As an employer, you will need to be able to verify that anyone who works for you is an EU or Swiss national. This often involves seeing their passport, but you need to make sure that the right authorities know who you’ve employed and where they’re from. If a contractor is from the EU or Switzerland, they do not need a work permit to work in Belgium.

Those who come from outside the EU will need a work permit, depending on the type of work they do and where they are from. For example, a Type A permit is valid indefinitely, whilst a Type B Permit is for those who will be working for a specific period for a specific employer.

The simplest answer is to work with TCP to make sure that whatever you are doing, whoever you are employing, everything is in line with Belgian and EU law.

Self-employment – Where there is independent work, and when one speaks of an apparent self-employed? We can guide you through the ins and outs of Belgian law. We assist as broker so companies have one point of contact when they do business with several small subcontractors in terms of contracts, invoicing and checking the documents necessary for their application are collected.

Interim Licence – Temporary employment creates a triangular relationship between the temporary worker, the customer/user, and the employment agency. We can make it clear to everyone where they stand.

TCP is a member of Federgon and holds a labour leasing license for Flanders and Brussels. The Federgon implies that TCP follows the labour lending Charter for fair trade: equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, etc; and equal pay for interim workers vs fixed employees of the client. Being a member of Federgon allows TCP to lend contractors/employees to a third party and carry over part of the employer authority to the end user client.  TCP only offers employed solutions using interim contracts, a 100% compliant solution.

Pay – Employees are paid weekly or monthly in guidance to their contract and legislation. TCP guarantees payment of minimum wages according to Federgon guidelines.

Work Visa – It is up to the contractor to request a visa to be able to enter Belgium. After that, TCP can help with obtaining a work permit. There is no cost for the government, but we charge a fee of 500 euro per applicant. This could take three to four weeks to come through.

Holiday – Holidays are accrued based on work schedule and number of months worked. Employees are entitled to 20 holidays per year and 10 public holidays. We ensure contractors are paid for any annual leave taken.

Notice Period – The first three days in an interim contract are a probation period. Interim contract are fixed term contracts (1 week/1 month) .The contractor cannot be terminated within the period of the contract.

Sickness – Sickness is paid for the length of the contract. Sickness needs to be certified by a doctor.

TCP can provide a Fast Pay service – This means TCP ensure that any contractor opted into this service will be paid within 5 working days of receipt of their approved timesheet.

TCP have dedicated Account Managers – Each company will have their own individual Account Manager who will provide a consultative approach towards your business needs and will be there to answer any questions or payroll queries you or your contractors may have.

Trust TCP

We can smooth out all the processes and procedures necessary to making everything run smoothly between everyone in the working relationship –

  • Removing restrictions on capital, debt, contractor concentration and turnover/fees
  • Entering into contracts
  • Producing payslips from timesheets
  • Processing and maintaining payroll
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Making sure individuals are paid every week or month
  • Providing indemnity insurance cover
  • Paying agreed margins
  • Offering professional support and assistance

TCP helps everyone to enjoy smoother, more efficient working relationships, reduced costs and with fewer restrictions. We simplify the entire process for every party, from the individual to the agency to the client company, with everyone retaining their own identity

Which allows everyone involved to concentrate on doing what they do best.

If you are a UK citizen living in Belgium please see the following link which provides information relating to Brexit and any necessary steps you need to take to ensure you can continue to live and work in Belgium :

You should continue to check the relevant country websites for any future changes to the position.

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