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People2.0 Global Rebranding and Operations FAQs


Why are you rebranding?

Simply put, we are better together. By presenting a single, global brand to the marketplace we create a cohesive experience for you – our partners and customers. By consolidating into one People2.0 brand, we simplify the tools and processes you use to work with us – everywhere, extending your value proposition and creating a borderless world of unlimited growth for your business.

More importantly, we solidify our culture, unifying our vision and mission.

WE ENVISION a world without borders, restrictions, or obstacles; where anyone can work for anyone, anywhere, for any length of time. A world where talent supply and demand are in harmony. A world of unlimited opportunities where everyone succeeds.

OUR MISSION is to empower the global ecosystem of talent providers, large and small, to unlock new possibilities, generate new revenue streams, and expand business opportunities, near and far, by harnessing our capabilities.

Has your name changed?

Yes! Previously, our name was presented as “People 2.0” with a capital “P,” and a space before the 2.0. NOW we are People2.0!

  • Always use a capital P.
  • Never use a space before the 2.0.

Use the numeral 0 (zero) and not a capital O.

What do I say if anyone asks about this?

Direct them to check out our website at, or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Business Development

What does this mean for us (in terms of opportunities)?

As your partner, we can help you and your clients deploy talent directly in 40 countries (and growing!)—for any length of time, on demand, using one master agreement. Through our strategic partnerships, we can help you deploy talent in 107 countries.


We’ve been working with you in [insert your country or region]. Can we now work in some of these other countries you’re involved in?

Yes. We are eager and ready to help our clients expand their businesses into new markets. Please contact your People2.0 representative to discuss how we can support your growth.


Human Resources

How will this impact your culture/values?

In short, it won’t. We will continue to engage our clients, contractors, and partners with the same values we’ve always had.

We now have an opportunity to align our culture and values into a single, powerful brand.

One of the ways we do that, is by living out the new People2.0 brand values every day, in every interaction – both internal and external.

  • Humanity
  • Service
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Perfection
  • Expertise
  • Pioneering Spirit


Will this impact my job, benefits, paycheck, etc.?

For further details please contactRyan Benson, Client Services Account Manager –, or Daniah Al-Jabouri, Legal and Compliance Assistant –


Will there be any impact to our contracts? 

For further details please contact Ryan Benson, Client Services Account Manager –, or Daniah Al-Jabouri, Legal and Compliance Assistant –


Information Technology

People2.0 email addresses changes 

As part of our internal and external unification on the People2.0 brand, all People2.0 employees will begin using an email address in rolling changes in September. Original email addresses will also be supported for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition. Please watch for more information from your People2.0 contact on these changes.


Will there be any other impact to the technology we use to do business with you?

No, there are no changes to our business systems at this time other than beginning to move to our new People2.0 brand on September 15, 2021.



Will there be any impact to legal entities or other legal contracts? 

Entity names and contract templates will change over time as certain updates occur. Please reach out to your local legal team/contact with any questions you may have.