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Why should I choose to work with you when I already have my own HR staff and accountant?

We have no doubt that your employees are very well trained and experienced, but we have decades of experience working with companies, recruitment companies, individuals and authorities in different countries in Europe. It is therefore much easier for you to use our expert service than to have to acquire this knowledge yourself, which is time-consuming and costly.

How much do you need to be involved in our processes?

We try to stay in the background as much as possible and take care of everything without causing an issue.

What are the consequences if you make mistakes?

We are so confident of our services that we insure you – customer, agency or contractor – against any losses that could result from mistakes in the hiring process of employees or non-payment of taxes and social security contributions.

Where should I pay my taxes and social security contributions?

In principle, you pay your taxes and social security contributions to the country in which you work, but it depends on various factors and there are various regulations in this process that must be observed. For this reason, TCP helps recruitment companies and employers pay the correct amount of taxes to the right authorities.

Why do other service providers behave “more flexibly” when someone works in another European country?

These service providers risk your financial security because they do not always pay the right amounts to the right people. With TCP, it was and is always guaranteed that all contractual partners act in accordance with the laws of the home country of the employer and the laws of the home country of the individual. This way, everyone involved can work together knowing that all taxes will be paid to tax offices correctly and on time.

What can happen at worst?

All contractual partners will be prosecuted and will have to repay taxes with interest. This can amount to up to several thousand euros (for some employers the amount requested can go into the hundreds of thousands). Many authorities go after the presumption of guilt until your innocence is proven, i.e. You have to pay the required taxes and social security contributions first and can only prove your innocence afterwards and claim your money back. However, we at TCP are so sure of our solutions that we insure you against any fines and fines that may arise from allegations of non-compliance.

Why should I work in Europe when there is so much bureaucracy involved?

Working in Europe can be very profitable for everyone involved. Agencies that can mediate individuals to employers have the opportunity to have long and successful business relationships with both employers and individuals, without taking unnecessary risks.