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We Know the Most Wished Word for 2017

Last December we thought it’d be a great idea to send everyone around the globe a personal wish. But since we didn’t exactly know everyone on this planet, we asked all our employees to send around their wishes across the globe.

The campaign was very successful! Over a hundred words were sent all across the world with our tool to wish each other all the best, love, joy, energy, passion and more. The most wished word however, was… Happiness!

In 2017 happiness is something we all need in our lives. Luckily, it’s not that hard to find. Take, for example, the first snow of the year, or a ray of sunlight through the clouds on a rainy day. Or meeting up with family and friends, a smile in a crowd… It’s literally everywhere!

It’s also easy to contribute a little happiness to the world. Try holding the door for someone, giving someone a genuine compliment, or whichever other way you think of to give someone a friendly nudge.

So, to everyone who joined our campaign and everyone else: Have a happy 2017.



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