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TCP Solutions announces merge with People 2.0

We can happily announce that TCP Solutions and People 2.0 are now officially operating as one.   We are now able to operate in 40 countries around the world instead of the 8 European countries we previously operated in.

TCP Solutions was founded in 1994 and has offices in London, Berlin and Antwerp serving clients in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

People 2.0 is the leading provider of employer of record (EOR) and agent of record solutions (AOR) to talent acquisition organizations and proudly announced the completion of three international acquisitions and the establishment of a new, global executive team to lead the firm. These investments will expand the company’s delivery capabilities to 40 countries and further enhance its value proposition to clients around the world.

People 2.0  Continues their Strategic Expansion of  Global, Workforce-Deployment Platform and Solidifies the position as industry leader with three international acquisitions and the creation of a global, executive team.

Being part of a larger group has clear benefits and creates opportunities for TCP Solutions and their clients. Instead of being just European based, we’ll now have manned offices around the world. We will be able to offer many more different services, catering for recruiting companies, Managed Service Providers (MSP) and companies from various industries. Our local teams have indebt knowledge and experience of their market so we can work with the latest and improved solutions, which will benefit our clients and add to the range of options to choose from.                             Being part of a large established international group will give us more financial backing so we can invest in better, more efficient and cost effective services towards our clients, including further automation systems and online facilities. We’re looking forward to introducing current TCP clients to the new service package and to inform the People 2.0 client base to our solutions.

Their other acquisitions include: WePayPeople, founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, serves clients across the Netherlands.  Entity Solutions Group,  founded in 1999 and based in Melbourne, maintains operations in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition to the increased overall scale, the first two acquisitions bolster the company’s existing European operations, building on the momentum gained from People 2.0’s merger with Capital GES in July 2019. The third establishes a strong base for the company in the Asia-Pacific region.

“It is extremely gratifying to see how our company continues to develop positive momentum around the world,” said Erik Vonk, People 2.0’s co-CEO. “By giving talent acquisition organizations (companies that connect jobs with people or link people to jobs or contracts) direct access to on-demand employment or contract options for any worker, we empower them to not only source, but also deploy workers for their clients, anytime, anywhere in the world with greater flexibility and mobility.”

Each of the acquired companies has built a strong brand in their respective regions, earned through their

local market expertise and reputations for superior, technology-enabled service. Aligned with People 2.0’s approach to global expansion, these businesses will be integrated into People 2.0’s existing operations, leveraging the talent, technology, and processes to create a single-branded, workforce-deployment platform for market makers in talent around the globe.

Chuck Miller, People 2.0’s co-CEO, added, “While we remain vigilant in our defences against any adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus is on the forward thrust of our company. To ensure continued operational excellence and unparalleled customer service at the local level while driving profitable growth around the world, People 2.0 has implemented a new, global organizational structure. Our newly appointed executive leadership will further accelerate our mission to have every talent acquisition organization around the globe proudly display the ‘People2.0 Inside’ moniker.”

About People 2.0

Founded in 2001, People 2.0 is the leading independent, global, workforce-deployment platform for market makers in talent. The company provides employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) solutions to all talent acquisition organizations, including staffing companies, search and recruiting firms, managed service providers (MSP), vendor management systems (VMS), recruitment process outsourcers (RPO), freelancer management systems (FMS), online platforms, consulting firms, contracting solutions firms and compliance services companies. People 2.0 extends the value proposition of all talent acquisition organizations to include global work arrangements and deployment options across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.