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Payroll Including Prefinancing

Nobody likes to wait for their money long. TCP Solutions offers a clear solution for that. Prefinancing comes standard with our payroll service. This ensures you will get paid within five days. How does it work exactly?

Every company applies their own payment period. Some 14 days, others 30. Some even 60 days. For a contractor, there’s no pleasure in having to wait for payment that long. Therefore, TCP Solutions advances the wages of our contractors. We guarantee that our contractors receive their wages within five workdays after submitting an approved work slip. We consider this to be self-evident. Simply being a good employer. The service comes standard with all our payroll services, both national and international.

TCP Solutions arranges payrolling for all sorts of organisations. Not just that, however. We ensure that both the client and the contractor comply fully with all laws and regulations. Both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. This provides security: no unexpected penalties and the certainty that you’ll get paid optimal wages, within five days. Are you considering payrolling? Please contact us. Call us on 020 6757 162 or send us a message through our contact page.

TCP Solutions loves to work with agencies

If, as an agency, you’re temporarily paying your candidates’ wages, they don’t want to wait very long either of course. You can pay your candidates timely, without having to raise cash. You can focus on finding the best talents for your clients, and we’ll take care of payroll administration and payments for you. Together we are stronger! Do you wish to learn more? Please contact us on +31 (0) 206 757 162. TCP Solutions does not offer recruiting services itself, so there are no conflicts of interest.

Self-employed people profit too

As a self-employed person, you too can profit from our prefinancing service. You can use our payroll services for your current and new clients. You will keep searching for assignments independently, but you get all the benefits of payrolling. TCP Solutions advances your client’s payment, so you can immediately dispose of the money. No long waiting periods and calls to administrative departments about hours worked and invoices. We take care of all administration for you. Wish to know more about payrolling for self-employed people? Contact our team via the form below or call us on +44 (0) 208 5 800 800.

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