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Payroll and covid-19 Payroll and covid-19

Payroll and Covid-19

In most companies we are often not even aware of the payroll function, it is there, but often working in the background doing it’s essential job, and everyone is paid on time. However, this is in ordinary circumstances and the not the circumstances we are currently experiencing during this COVID-19 outbreak. During this outbreak, we have witnessed more than ever how essential payroll is in our society and if that stops everything else stops with it. For businesses, it could be argued that payroll is the most important asset to protect its people.

Companies now face many obstacles due to the COVID-19 outbreak and there are a number of key issues payroll professionals will need to consider. With many cities and countries in lockdown and people working from home, a significant factor is access to systems and whether the workplace has the digital facilities to enable working remotely to work successfully. For example using physical files and paper forms may not be possible when working for home. The use of any in office only software is also not possible when working from home. HR and payroll also need to stay up to date with the rapid changes in government ruling, and implement these changes as the guidelines can change by day.

Here are some important things to consider when performing payroll activities

Working from home arrangements

  • Are all staff equipped to work from home, with access to a laptop, access to internet connection, remote access to applications?
  • Is remote access secure?
  • Do people have a suitable environment to work in?
  • Although staff work from home using their own laptop, it’s still important that data protection guidelines are followed

IT Infrastructure

  • Are HR and Payroll systems accessible at home?
  • Are the IT systems secure?
  • What are the technical weaknesses?

Access to payroll data and bank payments

  • Are last month’s payment files, pay-slips, pay register and general ledger files readily available?
  • Is remote access guaranteed and secured?
  • Is remote access guaranteed to release bank payments?

When people are what matters the most, making sure all payroll procedures run smoothly, particularly in times of uncertainty like this, is incredible important.

How can TCP help?

Outsourced payroll has various benefits and provides significant savings in both time and money. Advancing salaries, with all additional employee costs, takes a big bite out of the budget. Money you would rather invest in something else. You may have to purchase software and the know-how to operate it. In short, the costs run high rapidly.

We are also aware that at this moment in time many people will be working from home. TCP Solutions have full payroll service and assistance for people that work from home or have new assignments that can be carried out from home. If you would like to find out how you can outsource your payroll to TCP Solutions, then please contact our sales team on +44 (0)208 580 0800 or send us a message via our contact page.