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Interview with Client Services Executive – Dominika Chanerley

In June 2018 Dominika started with TCP Solutions as a Client Services Executive Specialist for UK, Ireland and the Nordics, working form the head office in London

Please talk us through a typical day at TCP?

My work is split between talking to contractors about their potential earning when running their payroll through TCP within the Nordics, and talking to end clients looking to expand their business within Europe, or recruitment agencies looking to place contractors in the EU for the first time.  As a client services executive my role is to advise, educate, explain and guide them in the correct way and demonstrate the importance of being fully compliant when working in these countries, as well as discussing the best options for their business or earnings.

I am really excited to have come on-board with TCP at this stage, the company is continuing to grow and expanding further into other countries. I really enjoy talking to clients and contractors advising, educating and giving them the best services possible when they join the TCP Team.

Tell me specifically about your job role and how you work with agencies/companies etc to help them employ staff abroad.

I will discuss each solution in great detail by showing customers a simulation of their potential earning and what expenses we can claim on their behalf within each country’s laws and legislations. Each European country has their own rules and regulations and TCP will adhere to these rules with each placement made.

We have an excellent and experienced legal team and native speakers per country that I can ask for assistance as part of TCP services. We will check each employment contract to make sure it is legal and above board between all parties. TCP will act as the employee and lend contractors out to end clients as we hold the correct license to do so.

Is it important for TCP to have a personal bond between the company and customers?

Yes, it’s really important to TCP that all customers have the best service possible at each stage of each process when discussing each solution in detail. We pride ourselves on having the most up to date information to be able to guide customers in the correct and complaint solution that best fits their needs.

What job did you do before joining TCP?

I originally worked as a personal trainer for 10 years when I came out of university where I studied sports science. After that I worked as a recruitment agent, then I became a senior account manager licensing images and film for big advertising campaigns for 5 years. I was looking for a change in career and TCP has been the best move I have made, with excellent training and development and career opportunities within the company. I have grown from strength to strength and feel lucky to be here with such amazing colleagues around me.