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How TCP can provide a remote based setup for contractors across the globe

Whether looking to expand quickly into new markets or bring in temporary increases in staff to meet project demands, over the last few years TCP have seen a steep increase in the number of businesses/companies looking to utilise skilled contractors. There are many reasons for this, however perhaps one of the major positives of using this kind of workforce, even temporarily, is the flexibility that exists when you are able to outsource the employment to a third party.

Working remotely using local entities

Now more than ever it is important that workers are able to work remotely. Travel has proved difficult under recent lockdown measures and so many clients may have found it difficult to source from their usual ‘talent pool’. One solution to this has been to hire local nationals rather than internationals. This has helped prevent some of the delays that had been happening with trying to get non-local workers on site from abroad.

Using locals can come with its own complexities however, as local employment and tax laws must be met. When a client doesn’t have a registered entity in the country where they would like to deploy a candidate, TCP’s locally registered companies can act as the employer of record and manage the payroll according to local legislation, allowing TCP to manage the risks involved and indemnify our clients. If you have contractors working remotely in one of the countries we operate in, TCP can act as the employer.

Local  Payroll and Local Expertise

Compliance is the cornerstone of TCP’s business, ensuring that the solutions we provide offer the level of protection and security that our clients expect. The legislation is rarely static and is often fluid, and so TCP always aims to work closely with our clients to keep them up to date with changes that may affect them or their workforce in general.

A key point with both clients, and candidates, is often the speed at which the candidate receives their money. TCP offer Fast Pay (pre-financing) so we can ensure all the contractors placed with TCP Solutions are paid quickly and efficiently each month or week. With this service applied, TCP aim to pay the contractor within 5 working days of receipt of their approved timesheet 

Employment Set up

Where TCP is the employer, we would use our local company as the Employer of record, and manage the tax and social security on a monthly basis within the country where the work is being done. TCP will also manage the administrative side of the employment, issuing contracts detailing the work they will be doing for you/your client, processing their salary payments and issuing monthly pay slips. TCP will also act as a point of contact throughout.

If you would like further information about how we could assist you and your company regarding working with contractors remotely, then please contact us via or send us a message via our contact page. We would be delighted to speak to you regarding the possibilities.