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Technology helping workers during lockdown Technology helping workers during lockdown

How German IT freelancers benefit from the COVID-19 crisis

Freelancers in Germany were hit particularly hard by the pandemic, but there are a few exceptions.

During the pandemic, there has been a strong push for digitalisation in many companies. Because of this, skills of IT specialists are now in high demand and digital initiatives that were previously inconceivable such as digital signatures, workflow systems, collaboration platforms have been implemented within a very short time.

For these projects to succeed, companies often need special expertise at short notice in order to make rapid progress in the phases of development, implementation and operation of new solutions.

IT freelancers are in high demand

The problem is that there is a shortage of IT specialist in the German labour market. Companies are therefore dependent on hiring external service providers such as IT consultants and IT freelancers. These can help in the short term to drive the digital transformation forward with the appropriate expertise.

This offers IT freelancers a unique opportunity to make greater use of digitalisation in the future. Since they are now in high demand, freelancers can even earn far better than comparable full-time employees.

What kind of expertise are companies looking for?

Agencies and start-ups like to call software developers because of their programming skills when they need help with a project, but also cloud specialists are in high demand. Cloud specialists come into play, when companies need support in choosing between private, public or hybrid clouds and setting up and operating the solution.

To that end, looking at the companies in Germany, setting up cloud solutions is at the top of their to-do list, due to the need for working remotely. In second place comes the adaptation of business and IT architecture in order to be able to quickly combine new software solutions and technologies.

In addition, the fast and intelligent evaluation of data (big data analytics) and the improvement of the customer experience will play a central role in the coming years. However, cyber and information security must not be forgotten. The shift to remote working offers hackers a gateway to which companies urgently need to respond.

Many companies must also prepare for the changeover to the new ERP version of SAP. Therefore SAP consultants are also still needed – especially for the S/4HANA conversion, which is currently being carried out at many companies or is planned for the coming years.

While software developers, cloud specialists and SAP consultants are urgently needed, the demand for application administrators and developers and system administrators has declined.

It’s all about availability

From the clients’ perspective, it’s not only all about the technical expertise, but also about the availability on short notice. Therefore, clients pay close attention to how quickly the desired skills are available.

Where do you find the most IT freelancers?

Berlin and Munich are the hotspots of the freelancer scene in Germany. In Berlin alone, approximately 15.000 IT freelancers are being deployed by recruitment agencies and staffing service providers such as TCP. As those freelancers are highly skilled experts, they often enjoy being flexible and working for different projects.

Two important advantages of freelancers: high flexibility, low fixed costs

IT freelancers offer many advantages for companies, especially in crisis situations like the COVID-19 crisis. Above all, experienced freelancers are available much faster and are experts in their field. After all, filling a vacancy with a permanent IT expert often takes several months. Moreover, especially in times of minimum distance and exit restrictions, companies save on training.

Overall, one thing is already certain: the covid-19 crisis will have a lasting impact on the IT sector and the digital economy. For many companies, this will cause a major turnaround.

How TCP can help

TCP Solutions is part of the People 2.0 group of companies who is the leading provider of contingent workforce engagement solutions within the U.S. and globally.

TCP operates in Europe and has offices in London, Berlin and Antwerp.  We offer the full range of staffing and payroll services including temporary employment, permanent placement and freelance/contracting to agencies, employers and contractors in the flexible workplace market. TCP’s mission is to provide the global market with a high quality, expert service with a human touch – a service provided to its clients on the foundations of honesty, quality and integrity.