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Brits considering moving abroad for work

A recent survey revealed that 72% of UK workers would move abroad for work.  

Those surveyed were also questioned on their reasonings for wanting to work abroad again in the future, with the reasons behind their desire to relocate for work below: 

They’d like to experience a different culture, country and work abroad: 69%
They think they’d have a better life: 63%
They’d like to move overseas with their partner: 53%
The cost of living is cheaper: 53% 

There are pros and cons to moving abroad and relocating may suit some people more than others. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, it’s crucial to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, research extensively and plan. 

UK employees are also looking to carry out their current jobs from a different location to where they are normally based, with 1 in 10 workers having already done so this year. Many also expressed that they would take a lower salary if it meant they had the flexibility to work from anywhere.  

Research found that workers are actively seeking greater flexibility with their working arrangements. UK workers increasingly expect flexibility as a given, with some going so far as to say they’d be more likely to continue working for their employer if they were able to work overseas as part of their current job (18%). That same percentage would also like the option of working overseas for an extended period.

As businesses continue to face a competitive recruitment landscape, with skills shortages and staff retention remaining a top challenge, these trends will most likely continue, particularly with more younger people looking to turn to overseas opportunities.  

Business hiring from abroad  

It is not just UK workers that want to move abroad for work, as many British businesses (52%) have stated that they are planning to hire from outside the UK within the next year. There are however many challenges to hiring from abroad.  

The main challenges lie with the practicalities and logistics of global hiring, with 39% stating that visa flexibility and availability was an issue. Almost a quarter of businesses have gone as far as to call on the government to ease visa restrictions when it comes to hiring. 

How People2.0 can help  

Having your workers carry on their job from another country isn’t as simple as many would think. Being up to date with current employment laws in the countries where you are deploying workers is a complicated task. Different countries have different employment standards when it comes to holiday pay, overtime pay, minimum wage etc and it is important to get these right. As previously mentioned, employer of records (EOR) are experts in employment laws across the globe. They ensure contingent workers can rest easy knowing their workplace rights will always be protected when the agency they work for has partnered with an EOR. 

To find out more about the benefits of engaging with an EOR, contact a member of our sales team on