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recruitment agency employing in Europe recruitment agency employing in Europe

Are you a recruitment agency wanting to employ in Europe, but don’t have the appropriate licenses?

Certain countries in Europe require the employer/supplier of the candidate to hold a labour leasing license in order to compliantly lend the candidate to a client. Currently the countries that follow the licensed labour lending model are Germany (AUG licence), Switzerland (SECO license) and Belgium (Interim license). TCP have the above mentioned licenses against our local companies in those regions.

Essentially, labour leasing is the assignment of temporary workers from one legal entity, the “staffing company,” to another legal entity, the “user company” or “hirer.” During the assignment temporary workers are under the supervision of the user company, while employed compliantly by the staffing company.

AUG licence for Germany

In 2007 TCP GmbH (Germany) was awarded with an indefinite labour leasing licence (also known as AUG licence), which allows us to work with agencies and End User Clients, compliantly employing   and lending out staff throughout Germany.

SECO for Switzerland

As briefly mentioned above, Switzerland operate a very similar labour lending system, whereby the lending party must hold the necessary SECO labour leasing license. The license is cantonal specific, meaning that some licenses may only cover you for Zurich or perhaps Geneva etc. Whereas the German system looks at just the lending of temporary workers, the Swiss also require the license to be used when placing permanent staff also. TCP hold a Federal SECO license that covers the whole of the Swiss region. If you are planning on making temporary or permanent placements in Switzerland TCP can help.

Federgon for Belgium

TCP is also member of Federgon and holds an Interim labour leasing license for Belgium. Being a member of Federgon allows TCP to compliantly lend contractors/employees to an End User Client to do their work. By using the license it also confirms that the End User client is able to directly manage and control the temporary worker, effectively giving the client ‘employer authority’.

If you are a recruitment agency that wants to employ candidates in Europe, but don’t hold the appropriate licences then learn how TCP can help by contacting a member of our team on +44 (0)208 996 0883 or via email –