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5 Reasons to contract in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Contract roles can offer greater flexibility, work/life balance and the opportunity to increase hourly earnings. If you are considering becoming a contractor in the Pharma Sector there are many other aspects of a contracting career that may appeal to you.

Higher pay

Pay can be a major selling point when it comes to contracting. Due to the temporary nature of contracting, contractors usually receive high salaries to counteract the lack of a steady income. However, handling your own payment solution involves a lot of administration and can be very time-consuming. Dealing with taxes demands an understanding of the country’s tax system and dedication to meeting tax deadlines. This is often the most complex part of being a contractor so it is worth considering using alternative payment solutions such as an umbrella company.

Work for yourself

Contract pharmaceutical and medical jobs can allow for plenty of freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing your role. You could have the chance to choose contracts that have a certain length or location that best suits you. To a certain extent, contractors are more able to cherry-pick the pharmaceutical clients they work for or the type of work they will be doing.

Build experience quickly

Another benefit of pharmaceutical contractor roles is that you are more likely to gain experience quicker than permanent staff. For example, in 2 years, you could have worked on three or four different projects for a variety of different companies. The variety that comes with working in contract roles increases your skills base, industry knowledge, experience and exposure to dynamic environments. Many Pharma companies look for contractors to fill their roles, such as Sanofi, Pfizer and Haxel.   


For certain people, working in different jobs, with different people, is enjoyable and can have a positive impact on their life. For the most part, you can avoid office politics, and when your contract is up, it’s just a part of the job to move on to another position. Contracting while you’re travelling is also a viable option and there are contract roles available both nationally and internationally. In demand Pharma positions at the moment are Quality Management Systems Specialists, medical science liaison, medical advisors, engineering and manufacturing.

International opportunities

Contractors provide a flexible, varied workforce and this is needed by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies all over the world. Therefore, there are a wealth of international contract jobs available to contractors. Working in other countries and getting exposure to different markets can be very beneficial to your career and due to the steady globalisation of several pharmaceutical companies, your expertise will make you very employable. Before deciding to take an international contractor job, take the time to look into the process of getting the correct work visa or permit for the country you’d like to work in.  Popular locations at the moment for Pharma roles are Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

How TCP can help?

TCP is a European Professional Employer Organisation and compliance specialist with over 25 years’ experience. Our expertise lies in the employment of skilled temporary/contract workers on behalf of clients across 8 European countries.

If you are a contractor TCP Solutions can help. When employed by TCP Solutions, as a contractor you don’t need to take on any responsibilities such as ensuring accounts and tax returns are submitted on time and the correct amount of tax is paid, as this will be done by us. We are also able to provide Visa sponsoring in most of the countries we operate (except the UK).

Would you like to know more? Please contact our sales team on +44 (0)208 580 0800 or send us a message via our contact page.